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How Do Dedicated Servers Operate?

Free and paid shared packages are one of the most widespread hosting solutions on the marketplace. They are OK for small-sized web portals that do not require lots of resources and do not have that many website visitors, but for heavy resource-demanding websites with many 1000's of visitors, a more powerful solution is needed. If you are looking for a stable, avant-garde shared hosting solution that can cope with even millions of daily visits, a dedicated server is your most appropriate alternative.

Tackle the Load Caused by Your Web Sites with a Dedicated Server

With the dedicated web hosting service, you lease a whole hosting server whose system resources will be utilized solely by your sites. Just as any personal computer, each dedicated server has one or more processing units running at a given speed, some amount of memory, one or more hard drives, and so on. A web hosting server is in fact a computer with hardware designed to handle intense load and given software installed on it, such as web server software, PHP and MySQL software platforms, etc., which permits the sites hosted on it to be reachable on the web.

Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting Solutions

A dedicated server can be managed either by the hosting supplier, or by the customer, based on the particular dedicated server plan. In either instance, the side administering the web hosting server has access to a software platform to restart it at any time. Management is done via a CP graphical user interface that permits you to check the processes running on the dedicated hosting server.

Operating Systems for Dedicated Servers

There are various web hosting server OSs like Windows, FreeBSD, different Linux distributions, and so on. Certain hosting distributors offer dedicated servers using one given Operating System, while others give customers an alternative. MSSQL databases and .NET web sites request a Windows web server, for instance, and will not function on a different OS, whereas PHP and HTML based websites utilizing MySQL databases will run on any OS. Prior to renting a dedicated server, check what the provider offers and what the necessities of your web site are.

Software Apps for Dedicated Servers

By default, each dedicated server comes with all the software needed in order to administer a website - a web server, database software (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and so on), PHP software, FTP server software and so on, so the moment you get the dedicated server, you can upload your website files and bring the web site online. Most web hosting providers provide complete server root access, i.e. you can activate any software platforms on the dedicated server and revise any settings. Specific script-driven software platforms require server-side libraries that should be pre-installed in order for them to run. Various shopping cart software scripts, for example, involve such a precondition, and obtaining complete server root access to the dedicated server is critical for administering an online shop. Other web hosting vendors do not grant complete root access, but help the customer install the necessary software applications - this is the so-called managed hosting solution, as compared with the unmanaged hosting solution, which comes with complete server root access.

Dedicated Server by 'Web Hosting Organization'

The website files on the dedicated server can be handled either through a Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel or through a hosting Control Panel graphical interface such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Hepsia, etc. There are 10's of Control Panel tools available, and typically hosting service providers provide several of them, and with root access at hand, the customer can activate any of them. All website files, databases, mails, access logs and script installations are handled effortlessly through a graphical user interface in a web browser, so no advanced knowledge is required. Specific CPs also comprise a reseller back office dashboard, so if you pick a dedicated server, you can not only host your web files, but also sell shared website hosting plans to different persons to earn revenue. We, at Web Hosting Organization, offer free invoicing software and a domain reseller account with each and every dedicated server plan of ours, which permits you to found your own personal web hosting corporation and make profit very quickly since the hosting business is constantly proliferating.

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